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iDO BreakThrough Programme

WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Our powerful iDO BreakThrough Programme is a Transformational Programme for students, which has been well endorsed by students and teachers alike! Our programme provides that extra strong jet fuel students need to spearhead their way to achieving not only the qualifications they require but the personal and leadership development skills needed to make it and succeed in education and in our ever changing world. Our suite of programmes help students better approach their mental health, well being and motivation. Students enhance their confidence, knowledge base and skill sets. Becoming the author of their own inspirational tool. One they can take with them , enhance and refine as they progress further into education or employment.



Find out more about our Weekly Accountability Meetings (WAMs), proven to really help students keep on track.

Interactive Learning

Using our diverse range of online and in person programmes, courses, tools and materials. Students build their knowledge bank and skill sets. 

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Become the author of your own inspirational tool



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“I reallly enjoyed this programme! It’s definitly motivated me to become a more proactive student. You have helped me push myself to work hard and not to give up. I WILL MISS YOU!!” 

Year 11 Student

My Story

Simone is honoured to be; a Bradford Community Champion, a Bradford Literature Champion, a School Governor, an entrepreneur, mother, fiancée, a BBC radio contributor, personal and leadership development strategist and Masters Graduate in Human & Organisation Capacity Building for Development.

However, Simone’s story hasn’t always been one of success, least of all academically. With a school experience largely dominated by failure, low grades and esteem. The hallmark of Simone’s early education experience could be perfectly epitomised by one teachers comment on her French homework, “Simone, this work is a FIASCO!!! See me!!”. 

With her formative years filled with deprivation, poverty and more , the statical outlook on Simone’s academic future and life beyond, would have painted a bleak picture. Despite this, Simone has a fierce passion for more and held a greater vision for her life and was able to maximise the mentorship, guidance and desire she had to experience and achieve the level of success she has. 

Thankful for the adversity, challenges and BreakThroughs, Simone has been able to take her personal story, academic and vocational experience to uplift, empower, inspire and motivate new generations to achieve their own BreakThroughs and academic success.

“Not only am I super excited about the personal and leadership development, I believe that Success, Academic Excellence, Joy & Abundance is everyone’s birth right.  I am equally excited about ensuring the most outstanding outcomes for all our students. As John Donne said, ‘no man is an island’, as such we are dedicated to excellent partnerships and finding the best opportunities for our students possible.”